During the conversion of the school‘s roof some of the students wanted to send a thank you photo to the Chief Overseer and HOG family.

North Carolina's efforts help Haiti..

Elder Sims and their Youth Department made a wonderful contribution to our work in Haiti, Elder Sims and others coordinated and spearheaded using the youths to make bracelets for our youths in Haiti in all they made some 450 bracelets with many different encouraging words and names such as: love, mercy, joy, bible, spirit, Jesus, Be blessed grace, WWJD, peace, compassion and more I just know that the kids in Haiti will be so excited to receive these bracelets they are packed condense enough that we will take  them with us in our suitcases when we go to Haiti they also included information on the fruit of the spirit along with verses for them and on good moral conduct and living

Inner courtyard area of school showing an area of the school that is painted.


Republic of Haiti


In the Republic of Haiti, our hearts and helping hands go out to an untold number of people who have been adversely affected by the vast number of hurricanes, floods, droughts, famines, etc., not to mention the number that may never be known of people who lost their lives, particularly after the most recent earthquake in January, 2010. Some items shipped by the House of God Church to Haiti after the earthquake were canned vegetables, soup, spaghetti, bandages, peroxide, alcohol, flashlights and many other essential items that went directly to those who were affected.




The House of God Church, Keith Dominion, is also responsible for providing a well station that the people may be able to have clean water. The well is actually kept under lock and key with designated ones responsible for filling the large reservoir located inside of this room you see in the photos.The water is actually pumped into the large multi- hundred gallon reservoir.

When water is needed, one would simply come up to the front of the watering station, place their container under the water spout, open the faucets and “Voila!” They have water at their fingertips.

We are grateful for the support of each diocese in the House of God Church, wherever it is established, who gave a helping-hand to the Republic of Haiti during its time of crisis. We are proud to announce that 100% of disaster monies raised toward our efforts went directly to meet